CannonBall Air Blaster

CannonBall Air Blaster


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Base Price - 5 Hours  $500.00
Overnight Until 7AM (Best Value)  $625.00 
Keep It 2 Days (Great Value) $800.00
*Holiday prices may vary

Setup Area: 12'Hx22'Lx12'W

Power Outlets Needed: 2


Ready, Aim, Fire! In this game it is not just the best shot, but who is the fastest shot too! 2-4 competitors do battle using low pressure air cannons that shoot soft foam balls.The object is to shoot your cannon balls into your enemy's target which is a net on the top of their cannon or a net on the inflatable behind them. It's fun for all ages! Comes with (2) sets of air cannons (4 total) and soft foam balls.

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