How To Throw The Perfect Princess Party

Your resource to throw a perfect princess party this year for your special daughter, granddaughter, or any special princess in your life starts here! A princess party is one of the most beloved themes for a little girl's birthday party and here are some great ideas for how you can make your little girl's princess party extra special. After all, you might not be doing this again, well at least until their wedding...

The Perfect Princess Cake - Order a custom cake with tons of pink and purple frosting. Pink and purple are the universal princess color. You can even throw in some yellow or teal to make your cake POP! Looking for something totally different and unique? Try individual cupcakes or smaller cakes that are all decorated differently. This will be sure to impress your princess and her palace guests.

Princess Party Activities - If you are a truly adventurous princess party planner, you can have your princesses decorate their own cakes with different colored frosting and sugary treats. If this seems a little messy for you, why not purchase fake gems and plastic tiaras that the girls can decorate themselves. Your local hobby store is sure to have a great selection and even some DIY kits to make it easier. Great princess party activities will focus on arts and crafts. This will also allow your guest sometime to keep and take home to remember the experience with.

Princess Party Favors - Party favors are a must for any princess party. Party favors can be bought from most party supply stores. However, it is always best to come up with something creative. Instead of buying erasers, pencils, candy, or something else un-princess related, you and your daughter make something for the girls to take home. One idea is to have each girl make a tote bag that has been decorated at the party. That way the party favor can serve double duty as a craft!

Princess Party Decorations - Decorations are an essential part of a princess party and they will set the tone and atmosphere of the party. Be sure to purchase plenty of sparkly items like streamers, fake gems, tiaras, gloves and other princess type items to make the princess party fit the theme. We also have a Princess Palace bounce house and Princess Party Package. This is a great option as it will really tie the theme together and it will give you life sized Princess Palace at the party!

Princess Party Costumes %u2013 Costumes can be a really fun thing to have at your princess party. If you are brave enough, you can wear a king or queen outfit and greet your little princess guests as they arrive at your kingdom. This really goes a long way with your guest and really helps to theme the event. The parents will enjoy it as well!

Consider these five things the next time you are planning a princess party. Your little girl will certainly love her party and it will be a party for her to remember indeed!