How To Pick The Right Event Rental Company

You have picked the date, the event time and even the location. Now, you have to pick an event rental company. Seems easy right? But how do you really go about choosing a great event rental company that is reliable? Follow these steps to guide your next event rental decision.

1. References - Check the references of the event rental company you are researching. You can check references and reviews on most websites and search engines. One of the biggest places we advise to look for reviews is FaceBook. Also check to see if your friends have used a reliable event rental company recently. They can give you first hand details of their experience.

2. Insurance - Be sure the event rental company is insured. This shows that the company is responsible and cares about their clients, their clients guest, and their business. Insurance is not always required, but don't take this step for granted. Many party venues and parks require any event rental company to be insured. They even go as far as having the company add the venue as an additional insured on the company's policy and will not let them setup until they are able to provide a certificate.

3. Professionalism - You can tell A LOT of things about a company by what they present to their customers on their website and social media pages. Is their website professional looking? Do they have actual pictures of the products they offer? Are company policies clearly displayed? If not, ask them why as they may not invest the time into ensuring your event goes 100% perfect.

4. Payment Methods - Does the company accept credit cards? Checks? Or do they only accept cash? This can weigh on some people's rental decisions as it is often more convenient to use credit cards. This also adds extra protection for the transaction incase an issue does arise.

5. Cleanliness of Equipment %u2013 See what the rental company's sanitation standards are. Is the equipment properly cleaned and sanitized before and after each event? This is important when it comes to the safety of not only you, but your family and guest!

6. License - Is the company actually licensed to do business in the city or state of your event? If not, why?

7. Delivery - Do they delivery and set up the equipment? If the company allows you to pick up equipment that you are not familiar with, or have never seen before, you may want to move on to a company that delivers. Each unit is different and your guest safely really depends on it!

8. Type of Equipment - In the rental industry, there is a HUGE difference between commercial and residential use! For example, inflatables come in commercial and residential grades. Residential is fine for day to day use of your family, but you really want a commercial grade bounce house for your party. Residential bounce houses cannot support many kids and are not safe for large parties.

9. Pricing - We cannot stress enough that prices are not everything with your party rental decision. You often get what you pay for with party rentals and sometimes saving a little cash, does not pay off in the long run!

Take these steps into consideration when planning your next event. As silly as it sounds, your rental company will be critical to your event's success.