"Why on earth did someone send me a rubber foot in a box??"
To be perfectly honest, we wanted to catch your attention, but promise it's for a great reason. Yes, we wanted to get our "foot in the door" and this seemed like a fun way to do it. But the real reason is to make you aware of us, and solve your event planning stress....guaranteed.

If your event planning could be 1)Made MUCH easier 2)The BEST it has ever been, and 3)Make YOU look like an event planning SUPERHERO in the process...would that peak your interest?

That is EXACTLY what we can deliver to you if given the opportunity. I promise that we will help you put "your best foot forward" and take credit for the best event ever! That's what we do. We help people like yourself create memorable and amazing events that leave their guests saying WOW! We understand that 90% of the stress of planning an event is during the actual planning stages and that's where we are at our best! We are always a step ahead of the competition and have some of the most innovative techniques to take the stress of planning off your plate.

I only ask for one thing... take a moment and look around our site and at some of the awesome attractions that we have to offer! Fill out the short Contact Us form and tell us a little bit about your event. I promise you that it will be worth your time!